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For your ego: Casa de Campo

Casa de Campo, La Romana, Dominican Republic

Yes your ego needs a vacation too. Perhaps an ego trip? Looking for the perfect place to get away? Nothing better than a luxurious beach vacation in the  Caribbean! Choose from any room, from The Elite Balcony to a private Villa, the Resort won’t disappoint. If you are a Golfer, there are three renowned Pete Dye designed courses for you to choose from. This amazing resort has a great variety of restaurants, boutiques, private beaches, museums and even a Chapel. What else do you need?

campo3 campo4 campo5 campo6 campo7 campo8 campo9 Flo-Sun, Casa de Campo campo1 campo2


CVSTOS Challenge Dani Pedrosa

CVSTOS recently made a new partnership with Spanish MotoGP racer Dani Pedrosa, resulting in a limited edition timepiece, co-created by Pedrosa himself (together with watch designer Antonio Terranova). The watch is inspired by the world of motorbike racing and it’s a vision of style and technique, very light and powerful in the same time.

CVSTOS Challenge Dani Pedrosa2 CVSTOS Challenge Dani Pedrosa1

Check mate

Chess stools, by Giorgio Bonaguro

Italian designer Giorgio Bonaguro had the idea of crafting a series of stools shaped represented by traditional chess pieces. You will find the Bishop (“Alfiere”), the Queen (“Regina”) and the Pawn (“Pedone”), made from solid scented cedarwood and having a great design (for example, the Bishop is cut by a diagonal that serves as a magazine rack). Expect for more and maybe you will complete a chess table on your terrace.

Chess stools1

Chess stools 2Chess stools 3

Shoot it!

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GM1

The world’s smallest mirrorless camera is featuring a 16 MP Micro Four Third-sized sensor, captured in a body which reminds of old cameras. Vintage is nice,
we love it, so we also love this little monster who can take incredible shots, even if it measures only 2,2 by 3,9 by 1,2 inches (98.5 mm x 54.9 mm x 30.4 mm),
with a total weight of 6,1 ouncers. Aluminium dials, metal finish, 3.0 inch touch screen, wi-fi connectivity and a price of 749,99 on Amazon.

panasonic_lumix gm1

Say Vrrrooom!

Erik Buell Racing 1990RX

The East Troy producer is hitting big with this splendid 1990RX Superbike. A ride with a 1,199cc four-stroke V-Twin engine, delivering 185 horsepower. Want more? OK. Buell has it all: high-quality braking systems, 97 foot pounds of torque, Ohlins suspension, 6 speeds, aluminium frame with integral fuel reservoir. 3 different colors – Galactic Black, Strike Yellow and Racing Red. With a price around 19,000 USD. Sweet!!!

Erik Buell Racing 3 Erik Buell Racing 1 Erik Buell Racing 2

Lean On

Petiole Hammock

What’s better than resting your bones in a hammock, part of a gorgeous landscape, having a cocktail by your side and… let’s stop here?! You can find hammocks all the way. But a hammock with a 35.000 USD value is harder. Made in Sweden and a big hit at the The Maison & Object Paris design show, in Paris.
But what makes this hammock so special? 304 stainless steel pole and a super protective UV canopy. Plus the fact that if you have a maximum of 250 kilos, you safetely enjoy it: it’s soooo sturdy! Last but not least, Petiole is a hammock built for two. How would it look in your backyard?

Petiole Hammock


A better Hero

Hero 3+ from GoPro

A new line of cameras from the fantastic GoPro unveils Hero3+, the action camera which will make your videos look amazing. 20% smaller than it’s predecessor,
better optics, a slimmer profile and an improved battery. There is also a new 1080 SuperView mode which can take pics from 4:3 ratio and transform them in a cool 16:9 view. Do not forget that Hero 3+ is waterproof and you can immerge down to 131 feet. It allows 4k video footage (3840 x 2160) and the price starts from 299 USD (the Silver edition) and 399 (the Black one).


Carbon Dream

Minerva J.M. Brabazon

It’s about Minerva, a Belgian car company, founded by Sylvain de Jong and with it’s golden era between 1902 and 1938. And it’s about this come-back, named J.M. Brabazon, first car since 1956, a beauty with a V12 engine under the hood and with a maximum speed of 248 mph (400 km/h), way too similar with celebrities like McLaren P1 or Ferrari LaFerrari. What else? Carbon fiber, 19-inch alloy wheels, full LED headlights. But wait! J.M. Brabazon is only a prototype. When it’s officially launched we’ll let you know the price. So start saving!

minerva2 minerva3 minerva4