A Stealth Fighter


Power and freedom. This is what Zero Motorcycles are proposing with this fantastic Zero FX Stealthfighter. The good news? No more fuel: this ride is electric. It has 44 horsepower and 70 ft-lbs of torque. The better news: with Zero FX Stealthfighter you can do about everything your heart and feet wants. It weights only 280 pounds so imagine a ride at any hour of day or night, on any terrain that crosses your path.

Complete that it is equipped with a maintenance-free powertrain, belt drive and fully modular power pack system. So, we wish you happy riding! At a price of $10.000 USD.


Photos: Zero Motorcycles

Zero-FX-StealthFighter Zero FX Stealthfighter Motorcycle1 zero2 zero1 zero zero4


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