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Amazon’s two-day Prime Day event kicks off October 13


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We now officially know the dates of this year’s Amazon Prime Day. The online retailer will hold its annual shopping event on October 13 and 14. Which means, like last year, the event will take place over the course of 48 hours. Prime Day 2020 kicks off at 12AM PT on Tuesday, October 13 and will end at 11:59PM PT on Wednesday, October 14.

Amazon Prime Day has been happening for several years, so you probably know the drill by now. The annual shopping event not only drives a ton of Amazon sales in a short period of time, but it also prompts people to sign up in droves for Amazon Prime subscription at the $13 monthly or $120 annual rate (that’s after a 30-day free trial). Prime Day deals are only available to active members, so you’ll need to sign up for the service if you want to take advantage of any Prime Day discounts.

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