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Escada Magnetism For Men Review


Here I am going to share with you my thoughts and opinions on Escada Magnetism for men. Magnetism for men is a fairly sweet, light fragrance that works well in all kinds of weather. It is a very smoky scent with a hint of vanilla and some freshness. Escada Magnetism is exactly the type of fragrance a teenager should wear to a party or night club. I wrote this review on Magnetism for men to inform any interested readers how it performs as a fragrance. The following paragraphs express my opinions on the cologne.

I would like to begin by saying that when I first wore Magnetism, I slept with a smile on my face knowing my new fragrance wasn’t just another great smelling weak scent. I woke up the following morning surrounded by a warm, sexy cola like smell. The first time I wore Escada Magnetism for men it lasted 22 hours on my skin which is truly amazing for a fragrance.

Magnetism for men attracts me like a magnet attracts iron powder which is probably why it gets its name. It smells very luxurious and completely different in comparison to a lot of the other fragrances available on the market today. Magnetism is a subtle scent with a powdery sweetness and a fantastic leather base. The following part of my review will look at the best points about this cologne.

One thing that I really like about Escada Magnetism is that it is easily wearable and that the ladies go absolutely wild for it which is something very few fragrances can do. This fragrance is a winner in my opinion. Another thing that I really like about Escada Magnetism is that it inspires self-confidence in me simply because I have received so many positive reactions whilst wearing it. Escada Magnetism for men projects very well and lasts a very long time which every great fragrance must do.

I would now like to highlight some of the weaker aspects of this cologne. A problem with Magnetism is that, on my skin, it can smell very feminine and slightly cloying which isn’t good. A problem is that a lot of guys are saying it seems like something a teenage girl should be wearing which is something that is very disappointing. On top of this it has been sadly discontinued.

Finally, in conclusion, Escada Magnetism for men is a brilliant fragrance because it is extremely wearable and the opposite sex go wild for it; I received so many positive reactions from fellow buddies. It loses credit, however, because it smells very feminine and I know of a few girls that have worn this. Anyway, I hope this article has been great use to you.

I own Escada Magnetism for men and love it, but it’s going to be a love it or hate it type of fragrance because it has a few notes some wearers may find off putting.


Source by Connor McBroom

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