‘Fall Guys’ is getting its first new level


Since this is going into the Fall Guys final-round rotation (sorry), there should be less likelihood of you getting the frustrating Royal Fumble as the finale. Mediatonic is also lowering the weighting for that level, so itโ€™ll appear as the final round a bit less often.

The patch includes a bug fix for the final-round stage Fall Mountain too. Players were sometimes unable to grab the crown to win the match, but that should soon be a less-frequent issue. In addition, Block Party will have more collisions to prevent players from bypassing the blocks. Until now, perching on the side wall and watching everyone else scramble to survive has been a viable strategy, but perhaps that wonโ€™t be the case anymore.

Among the other bug fixes are ones for โ€œphysics behaving erratically at high framerate on levels like Tip Toe,โ€ display issues for player names with special characters and controller detection on PC. Mediatonic, which also said itโ€™s getting better at catching cheaters, promises thereโ€™ll be even more levels soon, along with additional features and costumes.

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