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The beer flows better with the new adidas München “Oktoberfest” edition!

Fall is here, everyone in Europe expects the classical Oktoberfest beer festival, in Munchen, so… adidas Originals is celebrating this year’s Oktoberfest in style by bringing again their traditional way of life model, the adidas Munchen, but with a new twist.

Drawing inspiration from Bavarian leather-based pants, the Munchen sports a premium leather-based build, with a DPBR coating for a sturdy beer repellent upper. Prost, or cheers, replaces Munchen branding on the lateral side. Further particulars embody light brown stripes and a set of speckled laces.

Seeing as how a lot beer will probably be flowing and (over)flowing with frequent clinging of mugs throughout cheers, adidas Originals has made the Munchen beer and waterproof as to not mess up your brand new pair of kicks. Available from September 2nd, at the price of 200 euros.

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