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This Bronco t-shirt will show your Best Bro off to the world

This Bronco t-shirt will show your Best Bro off to the world


If you’re a longtime Autoblog reader you know we have a bit of a love affair with Blipshift. If you’re unaware, Blipshift sells extremely limited-time, automotive themed t-shirts, with designs often submitted by artists all around the country. By some crazy magic that they’re not sharing with the rest of the apparel industry, the designs are almost always amazing. 

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard that the new Ford Bronco is being revealed Monday, July 13th. If you’re at all like us then you absolutely can’t wait for the return of this off-roading icon. Ramping up to the reveal, Blipshift has dropped this great Bronco-themed shirt, designed by Geoff Ombao of California. Of course we’re still in full anticipation mode for the official reveal, but this shirt is satisfying our Bronco itch for the time being.

You can grab the „Best Bro” shirt here but, unlike our love for off-roading, they’re not gonna be around forever. This one goes away tonight at midnight. If you missed out on the Blipshift Bronco shirt or just need as much Bronco stuff in your life as possible, you can also check out the Bronco branded store on Amazon for classic memorabilia, clothes, and more right here.

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