What Is the Perfume Ingredient Coumarin?


Coumarin is naturally sourced from plants and has a vanilla-like smell that is very sweet and distinctive. This chemical compound is also synthetically produced to make it easier and more cost-effective to source. It is common in high-end perfumes and used as a base note to increase depth and warmth. Also, it has great fixative powers to make it one of the most used compounds in perfume.

Where to source Coumarin

This natural compound is sourced from a variety of plant life. It is mainly extracted from the tomka bean, although it can also come from plants like the sweet clover, sweet grass and lavender. Coumarin is also present in certain fruits like the apricot, strawberry and cherry. The easiest option to source this ingredient is to synthesize artificially in a laboratory. This compound is very common in perfume and may be included in up to 90 percent of all fragrances in the market. This ingredient is very effective as a base note and can help the fragrance linger on the skin for several hours.

What is the aroma like?

Coumarin has a distinct aroma. It can be compared to a vanilla-like smell and the scent of newly cut hay or grass. The profile of this scent is very sweet and pleasant, but it can benefit to lightly apply the perfume containing Coumarin since a high concentration can result in a smell much like adehydes and tobacco. A strong scent of this nature is more appropriate for the masculine fragrances. A feminine edition of the perfume is also possible. This makes use of the Coumarin ingredient as a light base note and combines with chypre or vanillic components. These ingredients are necessary to add the light warmth and sweetness.

Health issues related to Coumarin

The raw Coumarin ingredient can have a negative impact on the kidneys and liver and is therefore prohibited as a food additive in countries like the United States. This chemical compound is also used in rat poison and anti-coagulant medicines. It remains a highly effective component for use in many high-end and designer perfume lines.

Popular Coumarin-based fragrances

This natural ingredient is very popular in a variety of masculine and feminine fragrances. Popular women’s perfumes include Contradiction by Calvin Klein, Fahrenheit by Dior and Blue Jeans by Versace. Some of the well-like men’s fragrances include Dunhill Fresh by Alfred Dunhill, Equipage by Hermes and Pi by Givenchy.

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