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[dropcap size=small]L[/dropcap]et me tell you a story right now.  It’s about a young man behind an old curtain, holding a camera in his hand. It was a self-portrait, behind what he’d learnt was good light diffusion. That’s my first story of photography, currently available on my every social media page. And consider this to be the plot of my larger story, begun in 1976 Bucharest, Romania, Europe – my birth whereabouts.

Edward Aninaru, with a passion for stories and tattoos and a life in photography, that’s me. My first model was lying nude on the floor, later on. From above, one of my sweat drops fell on her torso. Maybe that drop really shuttered my story into action.

And coincidentally or not, my story has famous characters now. You most probably heard of Inna, Jean Sean, Shontelle or The Janoskians.

Photo shoots on people, in places, in times, in setups and characters and purposes. Fans admiring idols for my concepts, my ideas. All around the countries, from France to Russia, from the Czech Republic to Malaysia, from Romania to United States my stories were there. And ask Elle, Playboy, FHM, Bravo, Cosmopolitan,Forbes, Sony Music or Capitol Recors for that matter and they’ll remember them as well.

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