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Hey, my friend!  Has your girlfriend made ​​the list for Santa? If yes, tell me what does she wrote? Somewhat like perfumes, jewelry and other such trifles? Aw, do not bother! We have a better solution for that will satisfy her all year and that will make your holidays more beautiful! It’s the new iGino, from Klaytex Ltd. A toy so small and sexy that will prove perfect for her purse. And not just for the bag.

They tell us that „it’s definitely something could you slip into your handbag if you ever feel the need for a ‘comfort break’ while you’re out and about”. We believe them. Although it looks like a lighter, iGino is nothing but a stylish, cute and compact external personal massager.

It is created using the highest quality ABS materials and the revolutionary vibraMoove™. Exclusive to the iGino® one, the vibraMoove™ is a brand new patented technology that cannot be found anywhere else. The clever and unique vibraMoove™ combines the vibrations and movements simultaneously to mimic the natural touch and feel of a woman’s fingers, resulting in long lasting and intense pleasure. Also, the skinTouch head is a specially designed ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) made sleeve that has a skin-
like finish and feel that is warm and soft to the touch. It provides the most intense and powerful sensations, whether you’re a beginner or a veteran looking to get back to basics with the product that quite simply, delivers.

So, are we clear enough? No? OK, add that the iGino one arrives in an elegant gift box and luxury velvet pouch for the transportation and appropriate storage. Each and every iGino® one comes with both a US and European charger travel kit, making it the
perfect travelling accessory. It also comes with a USB port enabling charge through your computer. The price? It matters, for your beloved girlie? It don’t. But we’ll say it, anyway: you can buy this fancy massager at only $99 USD.

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